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What’s on offer?

Help with creating a web content

With my help, you write text to convince your customers, differentiate you from your competition, and the search engines would find them easily.

Tailored original web design

All websites are designed according to your needs and wishes. Then I adapt the structure of the website and its overall design, so I select colours, photos and icons.

Customize design for different screens

I take great care to ensure that websites are readable on devices of all sizes (from mobile phones to large desktop computers) and in all internet browsers.

Administration of your finished website

Into the future I can manage the updates to your website or I can skill you up in the use of WordPress so you can take control of the adjustments yourself.

How does my work look?

Click on the picture to see the original website.

What should you expect?

The website will be eye catching

The site should immediately attract the attention of your potential customers. At the same time, it should be clear what you are doing and what your business is about.

Encourage your visitors to action

I recommend to all of my clients to use the action button right at the front page, which shows the advantage for customers or moves them directly into contact section.

Selling your products or services

Tell what you sell right at the beginning. Provide information the customer wants to know, and conversely talk less about your history. Write briefly and clearly.

Being found on the net

Increasing the ranking in searching engines is hard and it doesn’t happen immediately. I will do my best and I will also give you useful advice on how you can help yourself.

How much will you pay?


All prices include a full process of a webdesign:
content creation assistance, a unique design, versions for all size screens and browsers, a basic SEO and custom editing in a content management system.

You’ll also learn how to use the revolutionary WordPress tool that supports your website, and allows you to make updates in real time. The exact amount for a website depends on the size of your requirements. Later editing is charged on a pro rata basis of the hourly rate 30 Euro. Costs for webhosting and domain name are paid directly to the service provider.

Web Classic

from 600 Euro

A brief introduction of your business on one single page scrolling website.

Web Plus

from 800 Euro

A larger website with more pages or a website presented in dual language format.


Web Extra

from 1200 Euro

An extensive website with with reservation system or other specific functions.

How is your website created?

I have a very personal approach to clients throughout whole site development. You can always contact me with your questions, ideas or suggestions.

Our meeting

On the basis of our meeting (face to face or via Skype or Whatsapp) you provide me with the information you want in your website.

Web design

Based on the content of the website, I will devise a tailor-made design and structure, and prepare a functional design for your website.

Website start-up

I will fine tune the web design to your satisfaction, move it to your domain and webhosting, and then we can run the finished website.

Contact me

Web from a Neighbour

I focus on creating modern, well-arranged and original websites for small and medium-sized businesses. The name Web from a Neighbour was originally based on the fact that I created websites mainly for businessmen from the neighbourhood and often used their services too. Yet we are neighbours, whether in the street, village, next town or 30 kilometres away. Then I got clients from the centre of Prague, also the other end of the Czech Republic and even from the other side of the globe. So now the name is more a symbol of my personal approach and a warm relationship with my clients, wherever they are.